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Viridian City

Viridian City is the second major location visited by players in FireRed and LeafGreen. It is also notable in that it is the first city that players will come across with a Pokemon Gym, although it is actually closed until late in the game. Pallet Town can be reached by going south through Route 1. Route 2 is to the north, which eventually leads to the Viridian Forest. Players cannot proceed in this direction, however, until after obtain the Pokedex from Professor Oak. Until then, an elderly man blocks the path forward due to his lack of cofee. Route 22 is the the west, which will ultimately take players to Victory Road Gatehouse.


Oak's Parcel (Key Item) - Talk to the Poke Mart employee and he will ask you to deliver something to Professor Oak. This begins a short side quest which will lead to you ultimately getting the Pokedex and being able to venture forward into Route 2.

Move TutorEdit

Dream Eater - There is a man located in the lower-left corner of Viridian City who will offer to teach one of your Pokemon the Psychic type move, Dream Eater. In order to reach him, you need to either surf to him, or cut down the tree above him.