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Pokemon LeafGreen Version


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Pokemon LeafGreen version is an enhanced remake of Pokemon Green version, or as it was known outside of Japan and will continue to be referred to in this article, Pokemon Blue version, for the Game Boy Color. In Japan, three Generation I Pokemon games were released: Pokemon Red, Blue, and Green; however, only Red and Green actually made it outside of Japan. When Green was released outside of Japan it became known as Pokemon Blue version and the original Blue version was never localized. While LeafGreen contains many of the same basic elements as Pokemon Blue version, it does differ in that it contains several new items, Pokemon, and locations as well as several other more minor differences. The objective, like in all of the other main Pokemon games, is to obtain the eight gym badges by beating the gyms' respective leaders, to eventually challenge the Pokemon League and become the League Champion, and most importantly, to fill up your Pokedex by catching all the available Pokemon. Pokemon LeafGreen, along with Pokemon FireRed version, initially came bundled with a Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter, allowing for local wireless activities with owners of any of the five Generation III Game Boy Advance games (Pokemon Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, LeafGreen, and FireRed). Although it is a remake of a Generation I Pokemon game, like FireRed, it is classified as being among the Generation III games because of several features not present in Generation I or II games and its compatibility with the other Generation III games. One major addition was the new cluster of visitable islands known collectively as the Sevii Islands. The first three islands only become accessible after defeating Blaine, the seventh gym leader and are presented as an optional side quest from the main story. The remaining four islands become available only after beating the Elite Four and the Pokemon League Champion.