Pallet Town

Pallet Town

Other than a visual uplift, Pallet Town has not really changed since the Generation I games. Professor Oak's Pokemon Lab is located in the lower-right, your character's house is in the upper-left, and your rival's house is in the upper-right. There is also a small flower garden with a couple of informational signs located in the lower-left. Pallet Town is also connected to two routes: Route 1 to the north and Route 21 to the south. There are no actual obtainable items in Pallet Town; however, you can get a Potion by accessing your PC in your house. This can be done from any PC at any location, however. As in the Generation I games, if you try to enter Route 1 Professor Oak will run up and stop you, bringing you back to his Pokemon Lab. Here you will be given your choice of one of the three Generation I starter Pokemon (Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle). Shortly after making your choice you will engage in an unavoidable fight with your rival. Unlike in most other battles, there is no penalty for losing; however, winning nets you a fair amount of experience points. If you are desperate to win, but your Pokemon is low on health, you can use the Potion if you got it from your PC before the battle. One thing to note, is that instead of just being thrust into the battle like in the Generation I games, this battle actually serves as a kind of basic tutorial to battling in FireRed and LeafGreen as Prof. Oak will give you various hints and tips throughout the fight.

Easter Eggs

  • There is an NES by the TV in your room. This is purely for decoration, however, and you cannot actually play it.

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